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     Can a mere ancient stone be the key that brings abundance into your life?

Is there a "Secret" that has been hidden from all but the elite of the population?

           According to mystics and sages it is possible.

       Just it's presence reminds you to be grateful.

     As you become more grateful with what has been given to you then more is given.

    Carrying the ancient stone with you draws your attention to being grateful.

As you gently rub the stone and state the things for which you    are grateful, more is given to you............ as the legend goes .

 Repeat this as many times a day as your schedule permits.

Where you direct your attention energy flows.

Different stones have different vibrations. You will have a resonance or feeling of attraction with certain stones. You will feel that a particular stone reaches out or "speaks" to you.

                     That is the stone that you want.

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